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Google's New Operating System?

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Google's New Operating System? Empty Google's New Operating System?

Post by Sam on Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:17 am

(Alex please move this forum to the new to be General OS)

Has anyone heard of the production of Google's New OS? How do you believe this will turn out? I do not know if it will be suited to many users except with people who need to search their computer often. ( i Joke) Razz But Google often uses simple formats, which would use less ram and hard drive space, which would enable greater use of high performance software as it is not taken up by the OS alone (cough cough vista cough) it would also be cheaper if it came with computers as it would not require a higher inital specs compared to Vista computers as it does not require such a large amount.

Then again this OS could be perfect for the computer illiterates out there, as Google's current interface is simple, self explanatory, and easy to navigate, again in comparison to Vista's annoying interface.

What are your suggestions that Google should/could incorporate? And do you think it will be successful? Why?
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